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"....He played incredibly relaxed, rhythmically and above all musically fascinating....."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"....Swete excelled in playing with remarkable dexterity and a beautiful sound...."
Zupfmusik - Magazin

"....He is a very fine musician with a keen sense for sound and, where appropriate, of virtuosity and speed. The audience were eating out of his hand."
Gitarre und Laute

"....The Viennese guitarist amazed with extraordinarily expressive playing and logical phrasing...."
Gitara i Bas (Poland)

"....a performance that dazzled and excited by turns. It was the sort of playing that banishes fatigue...."
Classical Guitar / Colin Cooper

"....With Swete a marriage between dexterity and sensitivity takes place as it seldom does elsewhere....."
Vorarlberger Nachrichten

"....technically surpreme but never shallow musician harvested gigantic applause through athmospheric, subtle and intelligently varied interpretation...."
Kronen Zeitung

"....Ce qui demeure dès les premieres notes est cette impression de facilité dans le jeu et cet instinct du chant.
.....La grande fraicheur du ton, l’assurance joyeuse et le charisme de cet autrichien resteront encore longtemps dans nos souvenirs."
Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique

"....simply breathtaking. This was fast playing with no loss of clarity, no weakness in sound, no sacrifice of colour or dynamic range and no subordination of the musical material."
The Sydney Classical Guitar Society